Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Buddy, Can You Spare A Pepperoni?"

         Recently, the world learned, even before the President had a chance to announce it (with appropriate apologies) to the UN General Assembly that, if you live in Walkerton, Indiana, are gay, and are planning to marry, you will probably not be able to have your festivities catered by the local pizzeria.
        "Yaagh! Waa! Pizza Nazi. Pizza Nazi!" (Seinfeld for gentiles?)
        I know. I know. Not to make fun. It's the principle, not the pizza. But what exactly is the principle involved here? That sexual preferences have to be respected because that's the way we superior folk in New York and California think while religious beliefs...well, it's just those local yokels clinging to 'their guns and their bibles.' Who cares what they think?
        Well, maybe we should care. Today it's Evangelical Christians getting death threats for not wanting to cater a gay marriage. Tomorrow it'll be the Planned Parenthood Marching Band  being forced to show up for a Repeal Roe rally or the Little Sisters of the Poor being compelled to provide contraception and abortion services to their employees (Oh, sorry, that's been done already. Thank you President Obamacare.).       
        And the day after that, who knows? What a way to run a railroad...or a country. How do you spell, "Live and let live?" We used to know. Maybe we were better spellers in the old days.
        By the way, and just thinking, why would anyone even want to have their wedding catered by a group who considers them to be a couple of sinning miscreants? Most of us restaurant goers have had an occasional badly prepared meal but we rarely send it back. Partly it's because we don't think it's all that important and we don't want to make extra work for the waiter, but isn't it maybe also because we sometimes wonder what might happen to that dish when it goes behind the swinging doors into the kitchen and comes back out again?  And, if all the waiters and the kitchen staff aren't too crazy about you to begin with, well...
        *To all my gay patients and friends, known and otherwise, who are planning to marry and invite me to their weddings, please be kind enough to let me know if the caterer is there willingly. If not, I promise that I'll still show up but...I'm bringing my own soup.   

Monday, March 30, 2015

If you like your Jewish state, you can keep...

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the U.S. is weighing whether to back Palestinian efforts to seek U.N. recognition for an independent state and that recent remarks by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dim hope for a negotiated two-state solution.

That's our guy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Is Paris Burning?

         When marching along the Champs Elysees to 'show awareness' is not enough to stop the killing, maybe time to try something different,
       1) Shooting fish in a barrel becomes much more difficult when the fish are armed.  Anyone who uses or has used a firearm in his or her work or is willing to learn how to use one safely should be allowed to carry. Going on about how the world is becoming like Dodge City doesn't make it so. It just acknowledges that what is, is (to paraphrase a former American President).
        2) Is 'waterboarding' torture? Maybe time for a compromise to this long running talmudic discussion. How about, anyone actually caught doing the shooting and who may have useful information gets his or her wounds dressed and, well, let the dunking begin. Resume discussion while he, or she, is drying off. 
        And, finally,
        3) Stop Giving Them A Reason!
        Many people take their religious beliefs very seriously. They go right to the core of who they are. If you can't respect those beliefs, at least maybe refrain from condescendingly mocking them in the name of 'free expression of ideas.'
       And, by the way, what exactly are those 'ideas' that are being 'freely expressed' by cartoons of The Prophet having anal intercourse with another man or being locked in a homosexual embrace? Are these the same 'ideas' that are being freely expressed by an 'artist' who makes his 'art' by soaking a crucifix in a jar of urine or by desecrating a torah?  How clever we all are...
        And speaking of cleverness, here's another real knee-slapper,
        "Je suis Bill Cosby."
        Ha, ha. Ho, ho. Hey, why aren't you laughing? Don't get the joke? Don't think rape is all that funny?  Nowhere near as funny as someone else's most sacred religious beliefs? Hmm, guess some people just have no sense of humor. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015


"We are summoned to push back against those who would distort our religion for their nihilistic ends," Obama said during remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast. OUR religion? OUR?! Honest mistake. He probably thought ISIS is all Christians....like him, right? And they were all born in Hawaii.

Religion aside though, at least he still knows the good guys from the bad. After all, he's refusing to talk to the Dalai Lama and Benjamin Netanyahu. Is this worth an honorary degree at Brandeis or what?

Monday, January 26, 2015

It's YOUR Health

As many of you know, written prescriptions will be illegal in New York State after March 27, 2015. If you agree that this will cause great harm and disruption to our health care system, please consider copying the following, or writing something similar, and sending it to your State Senator, State Assemblyman, and to the Governor before it's too late. 
Remember, the prescription you save may be your own.
Dear __________.
I have recently learned that you passed a law which will make written prescriptions illegal in New York State after Mar. 27th of this year and that all prescriptions will have to be submitted by computer after this date. I would strongly urge that you immediately act to repeal this law. It is unnecessary and will have numerous undesirable consequences, the most notable being,
      1) Computers crash. When the computer used by my chosen provider or pharmacist malfunctions, I will have no way of obtaining my medications without providers making time-consuming phone calls on overtaxed phone lines....if the provider's office is not already closed for the day and if the phone lines are open.
      2) Software malfunctions. See #1 above.
      3) Internet connections malfunction. See #1 above.
      4) I will no longer be able to shop for better service or less expensive medicines. Each prescription will be sent to a single pharmacy, making it very difficult and time consuming to comparison shop.
      5) Privacy. Though all is to be 'encrypted', hackers had no trouble getting into computers of Sony Entertainment, Target, and many others. There is no reason to believe that prescription systems will be any more foolproof. I do not want my medication usage to be a matter of public knowledge.
I have been using written prescriptions without difficulty since...forever. I would very much appreciate your using your good offices to effect immediate repeal of this ill-conceived law before it does irreparable harm to our health and to our health care system. I consider this to be a matter of great urgency and look forward to hearing of the actions you have taken.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Tax on 'Accumulated' Weath?

Did the president really just propose, in his State of the Union Address a tax on 'accumulated' wealth?
Long the dream of socialists and other scoundrels and weasels, this tax, which is a type of 'ad valorem' tax (a tax 'to the value') is generally levied only on property, i.e. real estate, autos, etc. The president is now proposing that it be levied on ALL wealth, bank accounts, stocks, bonds...everything!
Good bye paying your taxes and then keeping what's left because it's...yours. Good bye privacy. Good bye personal property. Good bye security in your old age and taking care of your family. Hello 1984.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Don't Get Sick...

  ...especially now. And especially if you live in New York. Why not now? And why not in New York?
        Well, beginning on March 27, 2015, it will be illegal in New York State for your doctor to write a prescription for you and equally illegal for your pharmacist to fill it. From that date on, all prescriptions will  have to be submitted to your pharmacy by computer. And that's not only narcotics. It's ALL prescriptions. So, what's wrong with that?
      Approximately 700,000 prescriptions are written by New York's 77,332 licensed physicians and filled by it's 5,398 licensed pharmacies....every day!  Worried about a computer crash? Hackers getting your personal info? Fuhgeddaboudit! It's all required to be 'encrypted.' What could possibly go wrong? By the way, how do you spell 'Sony Entertainment? Obamacare rollout?...'
       And anyway, it's for your own good. The I-Stop Bill will 'enhance safety and quality of the prescribing process' and prevent abuse and errors that all those dumb doctors and pharmacists just can't, or won't, control.
       "Hippocrates, it's about your papyruses. Too hard to read. Too many mistakes. Too much myrrh. The emperor thinks that maybe you should start writing on stone."
        "Pythagoras, why do you always think in three's?"
       What was it that Ronald Reagan once said were the ten most dangerous words in the English language, "We're from the government and we're here to help you?"  
       If you like your prescription, you can get your prescription...just maybe not right away.